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Vantheria - 04-20-2017 06:44 AM

Unable to do essencetapping
I've read through a bunch of other threads as well as various wiki-type pages and haven't found an answer to this.

My skill level for essencetapping/gathering is 13p. Now that I'm a daeva, I get the "leave it for the humans" message on the lower items (azpha, pujery, raydam). Iron and all other higher than that I COULD tap, theoretically, but my skill level is not high enough. For example, iron requires 15p skill level.

So it's like I need to build up my skill, but I can't because the lower items within my skill range are no longer available to me because I'm a daeva now. In other words, there is nothing I can gather anymore, either because I'm no longer a human or because the skill level required for it is too high for me.

I'm sure I can't be the only person who this has happened to, so there must be a fix somewhere. I tried talking to the essencetapping master, but I guess he's only for leveling you up once your skill level is 99p.

Blackberrypie - 04-20-2017 07:18 AM

Re: Unable to do essencetapping
Go to Altgard/Verteron (depending on faction) for gathering low level gatherables.

Vantheria - 04-20-2017 07:44 AM

Re: Unable to do essencetapping
Unfortunately, the lowest I can find there is iron (which is too high for my skill level), but I'll keep looking around for azpha, pujery, or raydam.

Blackberrypie - 04-20-2017 08:10 AM

Re: Unable to do essencetapping
The area right around the fort has the fish.

Prinz - Siel 04-20-2017 11:55 AM

Re: Unable to do essencetapping
Conide only require essencetapping level 1

You can sort gatherables by level by hitting the Level column level here:

You may want to remove the Elyos or Asmo entries. Click on the corresponding symbol a the top.

To see a map for a gatherable click on the name. The entry that comes up will have a map with little flags showing where to find the nodes.

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