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Krump - Siel 04-07-2016 06:57 AM

Upgrade changes 5.0
Does anyone know the difficulty, or if the next set of crafted gear is even worth it?

Ele - 04-07-2016 08:58 AM

Re: Upgrade changes 5.0
I do and I started collecting mats for it couple weeks ago.

Krump - Siel 04-07-2016 10:43 AM

Re: Upgrade changes 5.0
They exist on deavasreport or whatever. But you would need actual user input from KA to know if they have any value and the monetary factor.

As I imagine it.

Ele - 04-07-2016 12:59 PM

Re: Upgrade changes 5.0
Not really, just need to know here to look.

Because I'm a nice person....


Krump - Siel 04-07-2016 07:54 PM

Re: Upgrade changes 5.0
Still looking for answers to my questions if anyone has them. Thanks.

Ele - 04-07-2016 09:10 PM

Re: Upgrade changes 5.0
Good luck finding it.

Krump - Siel 04-09-2016 11:25 PM

Re: Upgrade changes 5.0
Welcome to Weaver logic 101, there is none

Cristalo - Tiamat 04-14-2016 01:55 AM

Re: Upgrade changes 5.0
[QUOTE=Azoturan - Siel;2043184]Well, if there is but one craft I should point out, it's [url][/url] .[/QUOTE]


Kiatra - 04-15-2016 12:15 PM

Re: Upgrade changes 5.0
good plan Azo, think my ranger or SM will be doing just that, finding out what every normal and grade 1 elite mob drops. I have 2 bikes already, but morphing a mount for the remaining 2 65's seems like a worthwhile investment.
Although now it looks like my cleric's master armor smithing WILL be just for skins, walls, and cera medals.............>.>

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