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{CC} Cyan - 12-14-2016 08:37 AM

Frozen Magic 2016 Instance Drop List
The Frozen Magic event is live! Follow the link for more details: [url][/url]

The Snowballs will drop in the following instances:[LIST][*]Rentus Base[*]Tiamat Stronghold[*]Raksang Ruins[*]Dragon Lord's Refuge[*]Kysis Barracks[*]Miren Barracks[*]Krotan Barracks[*]Danuar Sanctuary[*]Ophidan Bridge[*]Linkgate Foundry[*]Sealed Danuary Mysticarium[*]Danuar Reliquary[*]Illuminary Obelisk[*]Seized Danuary Sanctuary[*]Sauro Supply Base[*]Infernal Danuar Reliquary[*]Infernal Illuminary Obelisk[*]Occupied Rentus Base[*]Drakenspire Depths[*]Anguished Dragon Lord's Refuge[*]Infinity Shard[*]The Eternal Bastion[*]Archives of Eternity[*]Drakenseer's Lair[*]Adma's Fall[*]Theobomos Test Chamber[*]Cradle of Eternity[*]Fallen Poeta[/LIST]
Note: The drop is not shared between the party.

Demonix - Tiamat 12-14-2016 08:42 AM

Re: Frozen Magic 2016 Instance Drop List
Thanks managed to bugger up the one good event of the game. Thanks for two snowballs instead of 8. Nice!!

Athelie - Siel 12-14-2016 09:10 AM

Re: Frozen Magic 2016 Instance Drop List
Okay, I don't usually complain about aion. I played for 4 years and my favorite event till now is snowball last event I make a loooot kinah. and the tempering price was 100m instead of 1b. So now I discover is only 2 snowball.... My question is do u care about players? Like still wants us to play and enjoy it? Cuz it dont sound like this. When we ask for NO CHANGE IN SNOWBALL. We mean this NO nerf the event. and what exactly u guys do? NERF THE EVENT. What the point in change in something people like it? If we like, just keep it. When we wanted bring more events like shugo, bring us the [Motion Card] Stormbringer. And we will thank you guys for the great job.

Now, you guys still have time to save the event. I know you guys can listen us like u did when 5.0 hit with plastic and bring plastic to all event. So listen again bring us the old snowball with 8 PLEASE. I beg you.

ps:wonderfull prizes, fire and water dragon <3

TydaTron - 12-14-2016 09:26 AM

Re: Frozen Magic 2016 Instance Drop List
Personally I like the change you get 2 on your main and another 6 for being logged in. So still 8 a day. Get 2 for each alt over 30. If you want more snowballs then that support the game and can buy 5 a day per acct or run instances where they drop.

The one thing I will say about event is the prizes of meh especially if trying to get people to buy snowballs.

Ameles - Israphel 12-14-2016 09:27 AM

Re: Frozen Magic 2016 Instance Drop List
So the most hyped and anticipated event of the year, just in time for the Holidays, has been nerfed because.. 'Korea made us do it', again?

Nothing ruins a good time like disappointment.

stylishskyeye - 12-14-2016 09:30 AM

Re: Frozen Magic 2016 Instance Drop List

KosMiu - 12-14-2016 09:30 AM

Re: Frozen Magic 2016 Instance Drop List
i like the 2 snow balls per character since most people have a million alts including me and i stood there for hours every day opening snowballs.

Athelie - Siel 12-14-2016 09:30 AM

Re: Frozen Magic 2016 Instance Drop List
Unless you only have 3 char, no you cant get all the snowball. I have 8 how I supose to log in and wait for all snowball? Just because u dont have alts dont mean everyone needs to suffer too.

KUYO - 12-14-2016 09:35 AM

Re: Frozen Magic 2016 Instance Drop List
Lol. I spend a lot of money on the game but still looked forward to this event not just to make kinah, but to buy items from other players because the economy will be saturated with items.

Public relations isn't great with NCWest but I'm still impressed you guys managed to give a nice middle finger to the people that can't p2w and look forward to this event to make some kinah.

KUYO - 12-14-2016 09:56 AM

Re: Frozen Magic 2016 Instance Drop List
However, since the event is already out and they won't change it--
If NCWest continues to alter events in the future and make them less rewarding, I suggest having "good" events more often and sometimes have multiple events running at the same time.

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