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2s219635 - 05-18-2017 06:41 AM

will i be able to craft better stuff?
hi guys,
I am currently at 449 points in alchemy on my SW and 449 points in cooking on my gunner but since i returned to the game i notice some not so fun changes to what i get in return for my time and effort, like my running scrolls only last 5 minutes now. I think i remember being able to craft running scrolls that lasted an hour, or am i stupid? This was 4-5 years ago. Back in the good old days of Aion *sighs*
Anyway i never made it to master alchemy all those years ago so now i am wondering if i do spend the time, effort and kinah trying to master alchemy on one of my characters and cooking on the other will i be able to craft anything good? At the moment i craft a lot of greater running scrolls, major wind serum, casting speed scrolls, major recovery potion and on my cook i make zeller aether jellies and almeha egg rolled sushi to use with pressa cocktail for my songweaver. If i keep at it will i eventually be able to craft higher grade scrolls, potions, food and drink? or will i just waste my kinah?

Thanks for any advice guys XD

Blackberrypie - 05-18-2017 08:25 AM

Re: will i be able to craft better stuff?
Crafted running scrolls have always been 5 minutes.
Back in my day, we didn't have cast speed scrolls! /waves cane

I don't know if master alchemist is worth it. I'd have to look at mine to see what she can craft. I think I just use designs up to 499.
I think master cook is still decent. A bish to get master in (least favorite test), but it's still decent.

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