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Bekki - Siel 07-11-2017 07:46 AM

[HELP] Essence Points allocation
Hello to everyone, I need help with something, and maybe you can help me
I need to know whats the best to distribute my Essence Points in a way that is the best to PvP solo.

Here is a screenshot of the skills and names, you can use them to help you remember them better.
[url][/url] [ARCHDAEVA SKILLS]
[url][/url] [NORMAL SKILLS]

Because of that, I've been wondering where to actually allocate my Points, this is how I'm going to open world PvP, any suggestions?

Aegis break +5
Weaken Spirit +5
Ritual Push +5
Erosion +5
Ignite Aether +4

Aetherphase contract +1
PvP Def/Attack +1
Godstone Resist +4

Terra +1

Enhance Character:
Knowledge: +50

Stanza - Siel 07-11-2017 08:24 AM

Re: [HELP] Essence Points allocation
Don't know anything about an skills. But obviously I archdeava'd 3 of the 4 skills and added the godstones suppression. But when it came to the regular skills enchanting them. The only tip I can say is, Is it worth the 15 points to gain like 300 damage added on the skill? Or could the 15 go somewhere better? I play a songweaver and when i enchanted my horse skill(blazing requium) or something like that it went up 200 damage every plus. So at +0 base damage was like 4200 fire damage. At +5 it does 5200 fire damage. Now idk if you would be interested in the accessories but I am using some the boundless for the skill increase. Which now makes my horse at +8 and does close to 5800 fire damage. Just something to think about. Go to ya though, sorry cant be much help, only think I know about sms is they take my scrolls, fears and dots.

Bekki - Siel 07-11-2017 10:12 AM

Re: [HELP] Essence Points allocation
Every tip helps ^^, I made some tests after you said that, and as I suspected Ritual Push does the same dmg as Elemental Smash, but I don't know if I should enchant my Elemental Smash to +5 (20cp) or Enchant Ritual Push +5 (15cp), what iff Elemental Smash have any hidden secret, like higher % critical spell chance.
I don't know if I should enchant Ignite Aether and the Godstone resist because it seems useless lately. T.T

Bryos - 07-11-2017 03:01 PM

Re: [HELP] Essence Points allocation
The only benefit of this type of Archdavea skills, is the additional damage against type-based mobs. That means, it will be the same for bosses and mobs without type. But Element Smash will be superior if you are farming or doing Archdaeva instances (excluding Adma's Fall and TTC).

Stanza - Siel 07-12-2017 06:52 AM

Re: [HELP] Essence Points allocation
Ritual push is the regular skill but can be archdeava'd into elemental smash? Hopefully that's correct but remember, there is no skill boost for the archdeava'd skills and can no use the skill cards(changing animations) because this game is runner by dummies...

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