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Default Re: 2 year Veteran Rewards

The socketing supplements are untradeable. My Stormwing's Warhammer that I got on Friday is currently slotted with MB+22 (white stones) since I know that as opposed to spending millions of kinah now, I can socket it MB+27 relatively soon and pain-free :p

Yes, it is true that we will be running a promotion in late September to sell the supplements. These items are already sold in Korea on their store, and I believe there may be some other territories already selling them as well. They were designed by Korea specifically to be a cash item.

They will be offered on a limited time basis, and then we will evaluate whether they are items that we want to offer permanently based on player feedback and sales. Since we are having a positive, happy thread currently let's not start the discussion of whether these are appropriate to be sold in this thread. If you want to express opinions either for or against that, I request that you not use the vet rewards thread for that debate.

I am not aware of current plans to sell the Lucky Wings at this time in the store - those are not considered a "cash" item by Korea.
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