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Default Re: Aion needs "assistant GMs"

Originally Posted by Villyd - Siel View Post
The best "Guides" could do were run around, give cookies out, and participate in already formed events.
We are starting this kind of program this week. I mentioned it before break. We will be allowing players to have access to a beginning level GM character whose only abilities are to teleport and be invisible. These characters will assist in facilitating the streaming PvP tournament that will be held this Saturday. The people who do the streaming, and the refs will be able to be invis on the field so they can capture the play closely for streaming, and easily make ref calls. Being invis means they won't be in the way, and tab target won't accidentally hit the ref or the streamer instead of your opponent. While it is a step forward in more community involvement, it will do nothing for spammers/bots which I think is the real need to be addressed.

As an FYI, Sly has been working to expand his bot/spammers duties. We are looking for ways that we can alleviate some of the bot problem, right now his main focus is spammers. We are putting together a proposal to be examined later this week. It would again be a stop gap measure - the bots have automated creation and automated leveling, so what we really need is automated processes that detect and ban them. But we are looking at ways that we can assist manually while waiting for more automated tools to be implemented.

I think what people are really looking for here is volunteer GM's who actually have the power to ban. This will not be happening - its not even an option. You cannot ban just by standing on the server as a GM character. You can only ban internally from within the system - and you have to be sitting in the building in order to do it. So aside from the obvious concerns of abuse, we would not allow the security of the system to be compromised by opening this up to outside the internal network.
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