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Default Re: More Gameforge abuse

Originally Posted by Ananox - Tiamat View Post
Still writing forms towards NCwest to figure out a way to allow people from EU servers to transfer to NA servers.

Technically its possible, but seems that GameForge is blocking it due to money losing. Specially suspicious because they actually allow people from NA servers to transfer to EU community.

Amazing, I'll be paying up to 250 euro's (i.e. 325~ dollars) just to move a single character to NA servers & same goes for my whole legion (aprox 40 people active) willing to do the same.

GameForge is corrupted.
For $325 you should get about 2 Billion Kinah on israphel if you buy Keys.

Pre L60-------------
Buy enough of these to Reach level 60 as fast as possible:
Double XP Amulet (10 pack for $8)
No XP Loss, Soul sickness or Teleport/Flight cost for 15 Days - $5

Total (Assuming 1 Month and 30 hours of gameplay to reach L60) = $34

Post L60------------
Arguably the best Title in the Game - $28
30 Day Arena Boost pack - Double XP, 10% Drop rate, Crucible & Courage insignia Boost & AP Boost. - $15

Tiamat Guard Armor LR -> ~300M ($50 of Keys)
55C2 gear -> 28 Days (Assuming Fail Crucible, Solo Crucible, Discipline and Harmony run every day)

Total = $93

$127 to reach level 60 as quick as possible and get a PvE and PvP set of gear. The remaining $232 you wanted to spend on transferring the character can be spent on 1.3 Billion Kinah. You should be able to buy enough to compensate for the move.

Also, remember to buy a subscription to WTFast. You'll have a decent stable ping to PvP with (141 here) on a decent publisher. (It's also less than a Gold pack too!)