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Default Re: Fastest way to craft berita sw/gunner set from 0 tailoring

Originally Posted by Nelewen - Siel View Post
I want to know quickest and fastest way to craft them
Do your work orders, but once you get to the level where you can craft the Xilix/Anathe/Hoca (asmo) or Sobi/Linon/Prolix (elyos) textiles/threads do those as well, as you'll need them for your expert/master quests. If you have alts, buy the morph recipes for those mats and mass morph them ahead of time so you have all your mats ready for the master quests.

At 400p you can also level processing balic mats (scales/bloods/skins), check the broker or spam lfg for stacks of mats as there's always someone with hundreds of those saved up (if you own a house there's a guestbloom for balic mats as well).

For +500p, try Ancient Red Crystals (you'll need a lot of Ancient Aether), or if you have spare AP try siege weapon components (AP mats are tradeable so you can buy them on alts too).

If you have crafting amulets saved up, I'd pop them at 400~500p and afk craft at night (haven't leveled professions in a while but with a 200% crafting amulet I got from 500 to 515 or so before it expired).

do I need to learn essencetapping too ? Please guide me from 0 to 500p.Thank you a lot.
Not really needed, 5.0 introduced NPCs (base city at Norsvold/Iluma) that sell 4.x gatherables (you'll need Ponica for the SW skin) with a limit of 10 per day, so just log all your alts and buy them.

As for 4.x balic mats (mortal envys, gleaming bloods/scales/skins), there used to be a larger supply back in 4.x thanks to bots, now you either spam lfg or cry while grinding in Idian Depths (top left corner of the map). Barracks mobs, enshar/cygnea balaurs, and elite 65 balaurs in Gelk/Inggi drop them too (Idian Depths mobs are easier as they're normal mobs, though you can also farm elites there).

As for the animas, it's another mat that has less supply now as bots moved on to the new maps, but broker/lfg supply should be enough as 1 anima gets you 10 Ophidan Textiles/Leathers, even farming them yourself shouldn't take long.

Regarding the gunner skin, you can also get it from EB (magic leather version) so it'd be cheaper/faster to buy it from someone, as crafing it requires mob drop mats (Sublime Rawhide) that you can't buy from npcs (unlike the Ponicas for the SW skin)