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Default Re: Ranger need to weave if they got unlimited mp ?

Originally Posted by Evolute - Siel View Post
It's not about mana. Mana is irrelevant. Nobody runs out of mana with potion and drink use and any serious PVE has one songweaver.

It's the fact that you can cancel your auto attack animation with a skill and sneak in an auto attack. It's extra damage. You get an auto attack for free. It adds up over time.

You don't need to weave everything in every circumstance. Ranger is about burst so you can skill mash but you're going to need to weave a lot because the Slideshot mechanic of rangers relies on weaving auto attacks in while in the air to move while using skills.

You don't need to auto attack to slide shot, nor is the mechanic reliant on auto attacking. I've taught Mufferlmanz and Zeromi about this. It's a common misconception that you need to auto attack or cancel a function to slide shot. It does make it a lot easier to do so though.

You weave for damage. It is free extra damage. Properly used, you will do more damage at the same speed as skill spamming. The mechanic behind the timing of WHEN you should weave is displayed in game by pressing P by default.

Anyone who skill spams is bad or lazy, or a mixture of the two. Which is basically everyone at the game just about, both NA and Korea and EU.
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