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Default Re: Best PVE dps stigma build?

Originally Posted by FoxySarah - Israphel View Post
I was thinking of doing exactly that! That would give me Pulverizer Cannon, too. Is the boost to just the one fire move with Bombardment better than a boost to any 5 moves in a row with Stopping Power, though?

Also, just reading the tooltips on Pulverizor Cannon Vs. Sequential Fire, Sequential hits 12 mobs vs. Pulverizor's 6 and it's base damage is higher! Is everyone's preference for Pulverizor only for it's heal? My baby gunner is only level 30 right now (so this is all just theorycrafting for me), but don't we get another heal at higher levels, too? Or is Pulverizor our only self-heal?
Well blazing boost incendiary dmg for about 1k but that's kinda minor benefit the real benefit is you have another short cd for DPS is better than stopping power boost 10% dmg with 5 hits and cd 1 min plus the fact pulverizor cannon healing greatly unlike other gunner heals which just bad.

Pistols just bad never use it in pve except mp healing.
Remember the real gunner fun begins at lv 68 when u got concentrated fire even better with lv 70 but after 70 u pretty much got nothing to chasing for in pve even with 5.6 new arch daeva skill.

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