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Default [HELP] Essence Points allocation

Hello to everyone, I need help with something, and maybe you can help me
I need to know whats the best to distribute my Essence Points in a way that is the best to PvP solo.

Here is a screenshot of the skills and names, you can use them to help you remember them better. [ARCHDAEVA SKILLS] [NORMAL SKILLS]

Because of that, I've been wondering where to actually allocate my Points, this is how I'm going to open world PvP, any suggestions?

Aegis break +5
Weaken Spirit +5
Ritual Push +5
Erosion +5
Ignite Aether +4

Aetherphase contract +1
PvP Def/Attack +1
Godstone Resist +4

Terra +1

Enhance Character:
Knowledge: +50