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Default Re: [HELP] Essence Points allocation

Don't know anything about an skills. But obviously I archdeava'd 3 of the 4 skills and added the godstones suppression. But when it came to the regular skills enchanting them. The only tip I can say is, Is it worth the 15 points to gain like 300 damage added on the skill? Or could the 15 go somewhere better? I play a songweaver and when i enchanted my horse skill(blazing requium) or something like that it went up 200 damage every plus. So at +0 base damage was like 4200 fire damage. At +5 it does 5200 fire damage. Now idk if you would be interested in the accessories but I am using some the boundless for the skill increase. Which now makes my horse at +8 and does close to 5800 fire damage. Just something to think about. Go to ya though, sorry cant be much help, only think I know about sms is they take my scrolls, fears and dots.
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