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Default Re: Spear or Greatsword ?

Originally Posted by Matsukamy - Siel View Post
I guess you could use greatsword if you wanna more efficiency in 1 target damage, but overall, weaving is not necessary because the gladiator has enough skills to not run out of them, and there still some skills where you can weave with spears and not be sloooooow. And still, you are still gonna be losing AoE damage if you are group pvping and using GS.

weaving is always necessary.

If you can't weave properly with a spear with a candy up that hits the sweet bp, you just need to learn how to weave.

Gladiator Weaving is cheese, and fact is everyone sucks at this game not realizing how to weave properly.

Weaving properly is not only effortless, but is a huge increase in DPS. If you only want to do 50-75% of your total DPS, then by all means don't weave and spam skills like all the other bads.
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