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Default Re: Cleric is too confusing?

Originally Posted by Devilyth - Siel View Post
PvE heal: full hp manastones and mace & shield. it can be good if u can get enraged set.
PvE dps: there's 2 different choice you have. first, you can get MB,MA manastones for pure dps or can get MB,HP for bit more survivability but you wont have enough MA. use staff if you think u have decent hp for instances as dps

and you need atleast 4-5 different pvp sets for pvp.

PvP healing. Block/HP - HP/Block for BM set and MR/HP - HP/MR for cera set. use mace & shield
PvP DPS. for pure damage you can get same manastones as pure pve dps but in ceramium medal set and for bit defensive, MB/Block and MB/MR manastones you need. use staff or mage its for your choice but i prefer mace & shield for bit more survivability.
I havent seen a mr/hp or a block/hp composite stone, and you wont get much block or mr if you did the hp/mr or hp/block.

My mythic bloodmark set for chanter block has the physical defense 100's and block 29's in regular spots. It has been working very well for me.
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