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Default How to get Godstones

I'm hoping to create a guide for those people who can't afford to buy a 60m-120m godstone, and/or would like to try and farm them instead. So far I can only recollect 3 ways to get godstones:
  • Solo Crucible - Completing 6 rounds 5 or 6 times for a bonus 7th round; reward for completing 7th round is a godstone
  • Atrian Atlas - After killing someone of the enemy faction, you get a godstone pack. I think you have to be lvl 25 as well, as I have killed plenty of enemy faction under 25 wihtout being eligible.
  • World Drop - Randomly killing mobs can yeild a small chance of drop. I've done DP 50+ times and 3 times they can drop from random mobs.

Let me know all of the other additions to this list in order to help people out. Thanks!