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Default Re: No more Antialiasing option.

Using the new 301.24 Nvidia drivers you can force FXAA in the game along with the in-game "Line Smoothing" Gives you great results on Transparent Alpha objects like leaves,trees and what not.

And from what i've seen with Vsync currently is that the Vsync option in game puts a 60FPS cap on the game (without it there is a 67FPS cap anyway) AND it seems it uses Triple Buffering already. Because with Double Buffering, if you dip below 60 you automatically drop to 30FPS. In Aion you can limit your FPS to 40 for example and have vsync on and get 40FPS still. So it HAS to have Triple Buffering already with the current Vsync.

AF can be forced with NVCP or Nvidia Inspector.

If you have a decent system you can also do Downsampling.
My monitor resolution is 1600X900 and I can run 60FPS fine downsampling from 2560x1440 if I wanted to.(gives pretty good results as well. 2560X1440 is 4X the resolution of 1280X720 and about 2.6 times 1600x900)

If you use the default engine you can also force AA and TrAA from NVCP or Inspector as well.

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