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Default Fast Track Server Guide

A guide to the Fast Track Server in NA (PvE Channel)

Can I use it?

Anyone under level 51 can enter the Fast Track Server.
Fast Track Server is only available for Elysia and Asmodae. This includes:
Poeta, Verteron, Eltnen and Heiron.
Ishalgen, Altgard, Morheim and Beluslan.

Fast Track Server for NA will be released on the 18th of July.

What is it?

The Fast Track Server is a separate Channel, which is shared among all servers. There are No rifts in the Fast Track Server, and no level 51+’s. Because there are other server players here, you will find a lot of new faces, or a lot of familiar ones from the forums!

This server is best used for discovering new areas without the hassle of PvPers or to level up quick if you don’t have any mentors.

Due to the other players from strange lands, there are a number of restrictions when interacting with them, which are discussed below.

How do I get to it?

The Fast Track Server is a separate Channel, which is shared among all servers. You can jump into the Fast Track Server just like any other channel. Go to the Menu, then click “Go to Fast Track Server” (Beginner in this image). You can only access the Fast Track Server while you are below level 51 and in a region that is on the FT Server.

In the future, this will be added as a UI button:

Is it worth it?

+ 100% Extra XP (Double XP!)
+ No unwanted PvP (No Rifts)
+ More players for low level instances

- No level 60’s around to help


When in the Fast Track Server:

AP ranking will not show up.
Server name will appear next to your Character name (For example: “Jambo Israp(hel)”) if you have a legion, or “Jambo” with the legion: <Israphel> if you do not have a legion.

You cannot use the Broker
You cannot add players to friend/block list.
You cannot trade with other players.
You cannot create a Private Store.
You cannot send items in the mail. (But you can send text mail)
Limited purchase NPC’s will not be available

There are other smaller restrictions.

Normal Servers

Normal servers will have their rifting buffs removed on all regions.

Rifts will remain at the same levels as 1.5 for now. Rifts will reach L60 max in 3.5.

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