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Ever since 4.9, greater tiers were removed from the game, only leaving behind the basic tiers. For example; Greater Aether was removed, but we kept Aether. Items with the [Static] tag can no longer be obtained, except from other players who still have them (by now, most of them must have been used up).

As a result, old recipes asking for Static items have been modified. Upon learning them, you will receive two versions; (1) being the recipe asking for the basic materials, and (2) being the old recipe which asked for Static materials. As you learn both, you can choose whichever of both you can use.

I do believe that you can delete any of both and keep the other one, but I have never actually tried it.

By the way, the rest of the crafting system is still he same as before. To identify recipes with limited amount of uses, you can still check their item description for the "Remaining crafting attempts: 1", on after you learn them by looking for the [1] tag on the right of the name.
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