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Default Re: Frozen Magic 2016 Instance Drop List

Originally Posted by Feathersalt - Siel View Post
Hi NCsoft,

Do you guys need some help figuring out good ideas for event prizes and luna chest prizes? Currently, with what's available, I'm keeping my wallet closed, and I know others are too. It just seems to me that your ideas of what is a "reward" is rather stale.

I know that the RNG is meant for Korea, but NA needs deterministic rewards as a minimal prize per dollar spent.
Okay, I figured out how to support the game using my wallet. Turns out that you do NOT buy the Snowballs off of the BCM (the 20 for 800NC); rather, you should be buying Icy Shards off of the in-game broker and the Brilliant Moneybaits off of the BCM. I'm much happier with those results, and wish I would have figured this out sooner. Maybe I'm just a dumb gambling addict though.

tl;dr - event is "good enough"