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Default Re: 60 augmenting vs set bonus and bow

Originally Posted by Exstall - Tiamat View Post
Why would you not include offensive stats?
Because I'm more interested in the defensive side of the armor, upgrading from 40e. I know what the differences are but not including them was at my discretion. If you want to know the differences, maybe you should make your own spreadsheet.

Originally Posted by Randle - Siel View Post
with this new method of getting ap its a sinch to stay rank 1 im feeding some1 to get plats n im getting 300k my self while he isnt on in keys there is rank 1 a day ive made 1.1m in 3 days not hard to get ap if u work for it

how ever thx for showing me this its very helpful
I was trying to be helpful, but yea the 60 augmented armor is the best. I haven't tried this new method of getting ap, I need to try it. I still won't get the armor yet, working on accessories first while I work on the cruci armor.
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