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Default Re: 60 augmenting vs set bonus and bow

Originally Posted by Darthius - Israphel View Post
Because I'm more interested in the defensive side of the armor, upgrading from 40e. I know what the differences are but not including them was at my discretion. If you want to know the differences, maybe you should make your own spreadsheet.
Well if you were comparing the differences between the sets of armour it would be a good idea to implement everything, you know?

Top tier is Eternal 60 balic bow + Guardian Commander's Divine Bow (augment) with full Guardian Commander's Divine armour.

Second best would be Eternal 60 balic + elite guardian commander's bow (has a little less stats) with full Elite guardian commander's armour.

The difference in the two is how much ap you can actually obtain to keep the set conditioned. I would personally aim for the second set because the only difference in the armour is 87 magic suppression (with the minor stat drop in the weapon)

Cheapest (and probably easiest) is Kahrun bow + ec L2 with full ec L2 armour.
=> least amount of ap spent of the three and still pretty effective for a main pvp set. Also you can rank 9 in this set
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