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Default Re: Support Cleric Help?


First you need a few different stigmas. You are rocking some odd mixed set right now and you should go full heals. Get rid of Chain of Suffering. That's a dps stigma and pick up RIPPLE OF PURIFICATION. That's a must to have. It's a nice big heal and a cleanse all at once. I really good OH CRAP moment heal. Ret lightening is fine. It gives you a nice instant cast part of a chain when you want to toss in some dps, but your other two green stigmas are odd choices for full heals. You really need to get NOBLE GRACE and SAVING GRACE. Noble is a really sweet buff to your heals (and -any- heals someone uses) for 15 seconds. All heals are 50% stronger while it's in effect. (Don't forget that your Blessed Shield and your Amplification are also heal buffs. Pop one of them before you need your heals to be stronger.) Saving Grace is something you can pre-cast on a party member that will give them a decent heal when/if their health reaches below 50% while it's in effect. It's basically a pre-casted flash. And if you swap in Ripple, you will get the heal Linked Stigma Skill called RESTORATION RELIEF which is a -group- Noble Grace!

Are you using a cast speed mace? And a cast speed scroll? Both are important.
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