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Default Re: About hide or something like this.

Originally Posted by Stanza - Siel View Post
....when you view your friends list there is a small tab option on the top right I think, when you pull it down it gives 3 options. Online, Busy, Invisible. Invisible just makes you go offline so people on your friends list don't see you and you can be left alone to do your own thing.
Just to clarify - because someone told me once they did this... but if a person has a character in both factions > on the same server > is this how they might be possibly spotting potential victims when they rift over?

Having both logged that is - but rifting on one and being able to locate enemies quicker?

Just curious - never really thought about it - till they told me this.
No, not on Kahrun - they told me this awhile ago and I do play different servers.
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