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Default Re: Frozen Magic 2016 Instance Drop List

Hi all,

Thank you for your candid feedback. Understandably, we knew the changes to how many free snowballs would impact us negatively, and added some mitigation to that impact by requesting the functionality to gain additional snowballs through "hanging out in game" as well as adding the daily 1 NCoin bundle.

The change from 8 snowballs to 2 impacts all Aion services since last year. We were fortunate to be able to run the original 8 free snowballs two years in row, and this year we must comply with the changes.

Originally Posted by Tyd - Siel View Post
Personally I like the change you get 2 on your main and another 6 for being logged in. So still 8 a day. Get 2 for each alt over 30. If you want more snowballs then that support the game and can buy 5 a day per acct or run instances where they drop.

The one thing I will say about event is the prizes of meh especially if trying to get people to buy snowballs.
Thanks for the feedback, Tyd. We will be sure to keep the prizing updated and relevant to high level players. Do keep in mind that we also try to cater all types of Aion players. :)

Originally Posted by Lilithis - Tiamat View Post
In short, who loot the body 1st get the ball.
Ball is a white item so with default loot rules it's not even roll able.
If we set up group loot for roll on whites everyone get nuts...

Cyan plz can you tell me when we will get rewards for being ACTIVE human beings, rather then afk / bots?
Why game keep punish active players and rewards lazy/afk?
We did not get the fix in time to address the non-party loot snowball, annoyingly enough. :c

Every event caters to different play styles and while the intention isn't to encourage AFK, players figure out how to best maximize their reward and time. Some events encourage more instance running, some events encourage PVP, etc. We hope to see newer events next year as we catch up in content. :)

As always, thank you for keeping us honest and on our toes.