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Who wants to level from 1-60 in 7 days?
go outside, go shower... go eat..

one server might have been 1 too little for the launch of F2P
maybe 2 could have been nice. Though it sucks to get ganked
while leveling (and believe it or not it is possible regardless
if you have a higher level main or alt i doubt twinks are very prejudice
when it comes to killing people they outgear.)
if you see a group of the opposite faction just book it or try to
get a few before they get you. Not much you can really do about
that even if they made a new server tomorrow you'll still get
butt-humped by a group of rifters and what about other people
who join a few weeks later they will have same issue as you and
want a new server as well i mean its only fair to give them one too right
since they did after all start late.

on a side note lately i have been experiencing lag that i haven't before
So maybe the server is getting bigger or maybe my internet is just getting
buttpumpped by my ISP

meh i was going to type some more relevant crap but after
typing all of the above i lost interest :/