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it's not about learning how to play, it's about finding time

Originally Posted by Jake - Kahrun View Post
So basically you have played just as much as I yet don't even have half the experience for levels?

Proof that it's about learning how to play.

1-20 takes 2-3 hours.
20-30 takes 2-3 hours.
30-40 takes ~10 hours
40-45 takes ~10 hours
45-50 takes ~15 hours
50-60 takes ~10-15 hours

Server is over 2 months old. At 1 hour/day that's still 60 hours.

at max: 3+3+10+10+15+15=56 hours for 1-60.

Still got 4 hours. Oh hey, that's another L30 toon.

you just proved my point...