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Default Tahabata skins again...

So, apparently they bothered to change the description of the skins in the store. They are no longer storable in the legion nor account warehouse BUT they are still marked as TRADABLE.

So my question is, why are they STILL UNTRADABLE? Joke?
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Default Re: Tahabata skins again...

Personally think it's stupid they are shown on the store as tradeable instead of account warehouse, I've got a spear and bow skin on my chanter that was meant for alts >.>
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Default Re: Tahabata skins again...

I got an answer to my ticket that this was a bug and they knew it, but couldnt say when the fix would be done. But they did give me several options to fix mine. So if you have not gotten an answer yet and its been 3 days then resubmit a ticket. If it hasn't been 3 days then respond to your email and ask them what is going on.
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Default Re: Tahabata skins again...

i just put in a ticket and had a pop up window that said they know about it and will be fixing it in an upcoming update.

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