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Default AP Boost Pack (7 Days)

So I got a few AP Boost Pack (7 Days) and I'm really not sure how it works. I used it and the item disappeared.

I have no buff or anything, but when I log in any character (other than the character I used it on) I get a message saying 'The [Morale] AP Gainer Pack effect will be over in x amount of time, So I'm going to assume it's under effect and that it's account bound?

How come the character I used it under doesn't get the message (my chat options are exactly the same on all my characters)

But anyhoo, sorry if this was explained somewhere else. The store is just very vague when it comes to all the item descriptions, for example it says 7 days of unlimited charges, so I assumed it gave a buff or the item didn't disappear when you used it.

Edit: Apparantly I didn't get the message on the character I used it on because you can only get 1 system message when you log in and I was in Tiamaranta so It was saying I cannot be attacked in this location by the enemy faction. Interesting...

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