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Default So where am I supposed to level 51+

I have been level 51 for almost a week. 51 Cleric on KAhrun. Becoming bored with the game...

Theres hardly ever any parties on LFG for Gelk content atm. What am I supposed to solo?

Ive been doing roah/kysis reps since 45, that was good group XP..

Now what though?
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Default Re: So where am I supposed to level 51+

Start with the various quests available in the Gelkmaros fortress, espcially the campaign quests. Also, look for the quests that take you into Taloc's Hallow. That is a solo instance and also where you open up your next stigma slot at 52. Most of the quests are soloable but some may require a partner or two especailly the campaign quest that takes you into the elite area.

There are numerous repeatables for right outside the fortress and also a series for the Gelkmaros armor set.

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