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Default Graphics possible bug

Something v weird happened to my graphics last night before I got dc, all the buff icons skill activation bars and some scenery was replaced with red boxes with the text replace me in them were displayed, other players chars were surrounded by a red halo ish glow and if they were in legions their capes displayed the same "replace me" text on them instead of the graphic design.

I immediately ran a diag on my gfx card and all was ok, I ran norton to check for viruses (which took forever, or rather what seemed like forever anyway.) but that returned nothing more than the usual benign tracking cookies.

I should add my FPS actually hit 0 something I have never ever, ever seen in any game, then my game completely froze for several mins was unable to do anything not even take screenies (which I always do whenever I experience weird things), then it crashed and completely shut down.

Because it was very late by the time my norton had finished checking for viruses or attacks and scanning the game files I didn't relog back in to check the graphics, until today but having logged in for several minutes on all my chars it appears everything is back to normal, including my FPS.

I am completely unsure of what happened, I do not run the game through any 3rd party software just straight from the NC launcher, so incompatability shouldn't be an issue.
I have never experienced anything like this before in any game and play several NCSoft games all directly launched from the NC launcher.

Also another weird thing that happened before this, I was in a group with friends krall hunting and we were trying to trade (while in a safe spot, waiting for more respawns) but the box kept cancelling before we could trade, neither of us were cancelling or pressing anything, it continued to do this for several mins about 5 tries and then allowed us to trade successfully.

It was a very weird night and if it had been Friday the 13th I'd have suspected higher unseen forces were at play lol.

Thanks for reading and hope I don't have anymore weirdness like that again. Hugs xx

Ahhhh sorry I just read a post from 2010 in technical issues, so that answered my Q, and I'll do as advised in that post.
Though the other weird trade cancelling issue still remains a mystery lol.
Just goes to show that still some of the old bugs and issues can and do still haunt this game today, so worth noting :)
Hugs and thanks xx

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