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Default How to Submit a Bug Report

Good Morning!

With the arrival of a Public Test Server, I thought it would be a good idea to submit a guide and template on submitting a successful bug report here on the forums. I have a lot of experience working on test servers. I first started out in Anarchy Online working with the QA team as a player. Then in Age of Conan I was apart of the volunteer program and specifically the QA department called “Bug Hunters.”

General Tips:

Firstly, be polite. It doesn’t help both parties if your post is more of a rant and inflammatory demanding that the problem be fixed right away. Include as much information as you can about the bug and the circumstances surrounding it. A lot of the times, people just put “Quest is broken, wouldn’t give me my item!” The more detail you can give regarding what happened right before that point and the exact steps will make it much easier for the developers solve the problem quickly. Use the English language (except obviously for those playing in other countries with a different language) and type out all your words. If you need a spellchecker, use an offline editor like Notepad and paste the bug report into the bug interface. Using shortened words and “l33t speak” makes reading a bug report very difficult. Please just don’t do this.

Report Exploits
This is very important, because you can get you in a lot of trouble. Do not report exploits on the forums! If you think you have discovered an exploit, send an email to, then forget about it. Don't tell anyone you found it, don't go try testing it and definitely don't use it. Even if you are on the test server and just trying to help, you still violate the Terms of Agreement. Give as much information as you can but don't try gathering more.

Writing a Good Bug Report:

Below is my assessment of how a bug report should be compiled. I realize that every system is different and sometimes the requirements and information for every bug report will be different. However, this information will hopefully sure as a general rule whenever you run into a problem in-game, regardless if you are on the test server or not.

Your Character
Your character information is very important. Be sure to include your character’s name in every report. Even if you're filing this bug in-game, which means your character and account are attached to it, include it in the bug report. Also include your level, race, and class. This information can be crucial in determining whether the bug is class related or even level related. The QA team is going to try their best to reproduce this bug and the variables has to be as close to your situation when you first experienced the bug. Also, which server are you on? Include that as well.

Be Detailed
Describe, in detail, the bug. "In detail" means IN DETAIL. Provide as much information as you possibly can, even if you think it's not necessary or the developers already know. Everything from what was going on right before, during and after the encounter. You would be amazed at how often it's a tiny, totally unrelated detail that actually provides the answer or a hint to the developer as to what the problem might be. In summary: The more information, the better.

Perfect Timing
Even if you're filing the bug report at the time or right after you ran across a bug, include the date and time, make it down to the minute if you can- and include your time zone, please! "Around 11 PM last night" is useless to someone reviewing the bug report two days later in a different time zone; "12/05/2004 at 10:53 PM PST" is much, much more useful.

Location, Location, Location
Be as specific as possible, and include the zone and waypoint if you can. Use /loc command and copy that information to submit in your bug report. If it's something that's happening in an entire zone, say so, but mention where you first encountered the problem if applicable. Remember- more detail cannot hurt, and just might be the thing that solves the puzzle.

Don't say things like "Raider Camp" without saying where in the camp. Why make them figure out where in the camp this happened?

Why Did it Happen?
This one can sometimes be difficult to fill out. Most of the time we will not know exactly why something happened to us but is a great way to personally suggest why you may think something happened. Giving personal insight can sometimes fill in small holes of information in other parts of section you might have forgotten. The more details the better, always note what buffs you had on or what food you ate.

Reproducing the Steps
This, to a developer, is arguably the most important part of a bug report. How do you make it happen? Unfortunately, we can't always reliably reproduce a bug. In other cases, we could reproduce it reliably but don't want to like crafting bugs or a quest that requires a lot of grinding.
Be sure to include any basic assumptions that may not be implied by the steps- if the bug occurs only when you're wearing a particular piece of clothing, be sure to include that.

Don't be afraid to be pedantic here; making the steps as clear and concise as possible will help and can't hurt. Not every person that sees your bug report will be a developer, and not every developer that does see it will be familiar with every system in the game. Also, it is quite likely that internal testers receive the bug reports and need to validate them in some manner before they get to the dev team. That means that if you can make sure someone can reproduce your bug by simply following directions, your bug report gets handled sooner.

Bug Report Template
Here's a basic layout for submitting bug reports. This isn't required or anything, but it does provide a nice framework for getting all the relevant bits in one place. If you're submitting a bug report and something isn't applicable, then just leave that part out. For example, a bug report about a word being misspelled on the Character Skills screen probably doesn't require as much detail as one that involves a complex combat or crafting bug.

Thread Subject: [Make it short and sweet, i.e. “[Bug] Acension Quest Not Completing”]
Character Name: [Your character name here. This is NOT your login name]
Server: [Your Server if more than one.]
Patch #:[List what patch number is currently live]
Summary: [A concise description, in one sentence, of the bug.]
Date/Time: [Date and time you last experienced the bug.]
Location: [Full coordinates, if possible (Use /loc)]
Description: [Include a detailed description of the bug, what causes it or seems to, and any other information you can think of that might be useful to someone trying to diagnose the bug]
Repro Steps: [Step-by-step instructions (1., 2., 3.,), if possible, on how to make this bug occur. If you can't provide full repro steps, note this and provide whatever you can. Even small amounts of information can help.]

In conclusion, I hope that will help a lot of people coming onto the test server have a better understanding on how to properly submit bug report. Using this guide consistently will make both players and developers work together more effectively, and with less head-butting! Look forward to seeing everyone on Test and making this a enjoyable experience for everyone.
Public Test Server Guidelines:
How to Submit a Bug Report:
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Default Re: How to Submit a Bug Report

This thread has received Tamat's stamp of approval. Thank you for taking the time to put this information together!

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Default Possible Bug/Coding Error

Character Name: Babylonia
Server: PTS
Patch #: 1.9
Summary: I have made 14 attempts at the Hot Heart of Magic for the Fenris Pants quest and have not been successful on one. I read on the forums that the proc chances were increased for PTS and between three people that I know of that have attempted the proc (myself included), we have failed 26 times. I know the heart has a low proc chance but i thought that there might be some sort of coding error for the transition into 1.9
Date/Time: Saturday May 29th approx. 11:30pm Pacific
Location: Sanctum Tailoring loom
Description: I have described the situation above... i only want to add that we have put many many hours into grinding for this one quest and i am loving this game but this situation with the Hot Heart of Magic failures has pushed us over the edge for permanently making this game our MMO home. Several of us came here as a last resort to avoid the "luck" factor of the crafting system for endgame gear and that hope was crushed by the non stop failures at achieving endgame content due to "bad luck." I am hoping that this was just a coding error or some sort of bug that can be easily corrected so that the 7 of us will not have to find a new game to call our MMO home. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully respond with good news!
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Default Bug Acension Quest Not Completing

Caracter name: Pitzy
Server: Siel
The Campaign lvl 30 <Secrets of the Temple> on the part restore the Flower wall, when i go to get the artefact nothing hapens, i hope it will be a solotion i realy love this game, thanks
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Default Re: How to Submit a Bug Report

Flying Reconnaissance bugged
This quest is bugged. I am upgrading a new char, and doesnt matter where i try, that transformation potion doesnt work. Some years ago this quest was working perfectly, but now is bugged. Not only my char cant do it, the char from my husband has the same problem and we cant finish campaing quests
from Verteron.
I would like to get some help.
Ty for your attention :)
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Default Re: How to Submit a Bug Report

Character:Metallica from asmodian race
bug: in the quest < The Four Hearts > i have made the second step for the quest i cant cont the quest
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Default Re: How to Submit a Bug Report

Thread Subject: Reporting Quest Bug - Fragment of memory 2
Character Name: Qrus
Server: Kahrun
Patch #: Latest Patch : Maintenance of black cloud market
Date/Time: 10/5/2012 1:10AM
Location:leibo Island
Description: At proximity Server Time : 10/5/2012 1:10AM
Right after the big patch update of the new features in black cloud market .
I logged in and walked to have a look around. Realizing i wanted to complete one of my left over quest . I head on to do the final part of " Fragment of Memory 1" . Completing my last part which was to fly to Leibo Island , i did and completed my quest about a few minute after. Due to this. I was sepose to receive my second quest which was "Fragment of Memory 2" but didnt . I check my quest and there was no update at all. I tried talking to NPC Yuditio but there was still no quest. I asked around my guildies , and they mention this could possibly be a bug problem, due to the fact my lvl is way over, and i was sepose to receive this quest ages ago, My quest log is not full and i still have space to receive more quest . I have a feeling this problem is cause due to the update maybi? I hope you take this problem seriously as i intend to complete my quest as soon as possible. Thank you
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Default Re: How to Submit a Bug Report

Thread Subject: Problem with Campaign Quest: The Four Hearts
Character: Dovey
Server: Kahrun
Location: at Garnon NPC location
Description: After i killed 3 mob as quest info, i find out Garnon NPC and talk with her to finish this quest (it have yellow signature on map and i go to there but when i go to this location, the signature disappear???), but nothing happen, something wrong with this quest. Maybe reset this campaign quest, i cant do more campaign quest later if i dont finish this quest :(. Please check and fix it.

Thanks for reading.
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Default Re: How to Submit a Bug Report

Character Name : Kharloz
Race: Asmodian
Class: Cleric
Lv: 60
Server: Israphel
Location: Tiamarant At Garnon(NPC) place
Description: The problem is in the second step of the campaing quest < The Four Hearts> before talk Garnon in the second step, they send you, to kill 3 named spirit, i all ready do this but the quest is not working at this step, the kills count but, no have any new step in the quest, no mew yellow mark for me

Thx for read,

PD: i think its seem to be the same problem of Metallica
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Default Re: How to Submit a Bug Report

Character Name : Awekening
Class : assasin
server : kahrun
Quest:<Heaviest of Hearts>
Description : I completed the part of the quest in which I have to kill 3 mobs, but the quest does not walk.
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