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Old 05-06-2012, 06:46 AM
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Default [Bug] NPC's Skill

Character Name: Exassassin

Server: Kharun

Patch #:

Summary: The NPC Spotted Kurin have an issue.

Date/Time: 06/05/12 _ 11:05 am [GMT -3]

Location: Brushtonin _ Baltasar Hill Village [Any Spotted Kurin]

Description: The NPC Spotted Kurin uses a Stunning Skill and I can RESIST it with Focused Evasion, but when I use Aethertwisting I receive the Stunning Skill like if I weren't using any defensive skill.

Repro Steps: Ass Assassin, agro any Spotted Kurin
1)use Focused Evasion fast for confirm the RESIST dialog (that means Magic Skill)
2)repeat the agro but this time, use Aethertwisting to confirm the bug (It's a Magic Skill wich cannot be resisted with Aethertwisting)

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