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Default Re: Decorate Your Space! submissions

I would really love to own a little villa by next week >w< ~ I'm going to try and buy three little houses right next to each other using three of my alts :

One is going to be a Russian Teahouse & Cafe, one is going to be a Red Candlelight Lounge, and the last one will be the Library & Bedchambers ~ with little patio tables and chairs beneath cherry trees outside each house, as well ♥ Although the three houses in the location I want haven't gone up on auction yet, I've already begun collecting the items to make the interiors. I'm going to use the current interiors I'm working on, as my submissions~~

Firstly, here is the Tea Cafe, my templar's (Snowflakes) house~

It's coming along pretty well, isn't it? >w< I'm gonna craft myself some more little wardrobes with teacups inside, ASAP! And don't I need another bartender there, to keep the girl company?

And the second interior I've got so far is the Candlelight Lounge ♥

I love whatever developer decided to make candles!! Wish I could put in moreeeee~ Wouldn't this make a nice meeting place for my legion members?

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