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Default what to do with aether broken, rough and hard gems

I am about to give up on this subject. The gems say the Shugos trade stuff for them and when I searched info on the Shugo's I found out that they were going to be in Seapath Aug 15-17 they were there but wouldnt take them.
Can anyone shed some light on this? I collected them in Oriel doing the market quest/
By the way I am Noob so be gentle :)
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Default Re: what to do with aether broken, rough and hard gems


The types of aether gems you listed can be used to purchase Shugo items from the wandering vendors but you need to accept certain quests from them and trade in the items along with an additional "seasonal" type of gem. (The seasonal gem is a rare-ish drop from the aether nodes and has also been seen coming from the Seasonal Agrint bosses.) The quest rewards give various housing decor like statues and wall items. Off hand, I don't recall if the quests had a minimum level requirement.

There is also a daily quest in the main Oriel/Pernon villages that asks for one of each type of aether gem and rewards 5 guestbloom fertilizers.

Hope this helps and welcome to AION!
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Default Re: what to do with aether broken, rough and hard gems

But where are these NPCs that you can purchase stuff from, and where are the ones that give quests that take these?

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