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Default Re: Construction Fluxes

Funny, I get more major fluxes than greater ones which I rarely get. But mostly minor and lesser ones from hearthblooms. Having a hard time to see why it's done like that.
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Default Re: Construction Fluxes

Construction flux dropped in Steel Rake Cabin the other day, I kept it but I don't remember what grade it was, but it was not lesser, that's what I usually see off the guestblooms. I'm midway through the expert test.
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Default Re: Construction Fluxes

i received a Minor Construction Flux and a Lesser Construction Flux while gathering from an Impure Amethyst node just outside of Beryl State. those 2 fluxes dropped within 3 respawns of the node.

an hour later, i just got a Minor Construction Flux while gathering from Inina Shells off the coast of Beryl.

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Default Re: Construction Fluxes

you say to master construction but... how can you master it if you have a hard time finding the major construction flux. I've bought more construction plants then I wish to think about and all I have received from them is minor and lesser and some just construction flux I have never received a major one and on the brokers they want at least 2 mil a piece or more for the major so I'm really hoping that aion will put the construction flux with the rest of the fluxes on the ncp I'm getting really frustrated with it I'm already expert and I can not seem to get past 450 on it so if any one has any idea how to get the major I really would appreciate the input ty

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