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Default Omblic Cocktail Recipe?

Can anyone tell me where to get this (Omblic Cocktail Recipe) from please? Aiondatabase says Crack Kaiden Grapplers, Kaiden Loudmouths (lvl29) and Kaiden Flagbearers in the Kaiden Mine in Eltnen drop them. Well, there are no longer any Kaiden Loudmouths in there, only Crack Kaiden Loudmouths, and the Flagbearer has been removed too.

I've been killing Grapplers, with no luck at all. It's a lvl30 recipe, I'm using a lvl38 gunner to kill the grapplers, which are lvl29, so thr still dropping, but very little. Maybe I should use a lower lvl char, but I thought that they would still drop if I was within 10 lvls?

Thx in advance for any help. <3
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Default Re: Omblic Cocktail Recipe?

The way I got my recipe was through work-orders. The only other thing I can suggest is checking broker to see if the recipe is on there, if not then I guess you need to keep trying! D:
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Default Re: Omblic Cocktail Recipe?

damn, you're from kahrun. and here i am desperately trying to sell my recipes on broker, no one wants them ;_;

just shout in LFG if someone has it and by it for 3.900 kinah or something. i'm sure it's rotting in a lot of ppls warehouses

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