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Default WTB Katalium Rarified Rod

Like in the title,

I am extensively looking to buy a Katalium Rarified Rod OR a Longtooth Katalium Polearm.

I am an Elyos on Tiamat server.

But if you have it in any other server, that is fine too. I will buy it from your server.

Thank you

ps. whisper me : Sentii - TM
Old 04-25-2015, 11:32 PM
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Default Re: WTB Katalium Rarified Rod

I can help you make one but I don't exactly have the recipe to make the Fine Master Noble Katalium Sword. Rest of the items are acquirable. Plus, I would also need to know where to get the Craft: Katalium Rarefied Rod. I can make you the rod, afterwards.

Am also on Tiamat.

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