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Red face Can I Make My Heels Open Toed, or Make Sandals?

i'm new to aion, and considering going into tailoring my armor. i wanna make armor that's more figure showing. i guess you could say i wanna wear something that sort of looks like summer wear. i just like showing off my looks, ehe. but, since i've never even begun to try modifying armor, i wanted some advice before i spend money getting into it. i just wanna be sure the work and spendings are gonna be getting me what i want.

so, like the title says, is it even possible to make non-heeled shoes for a female? if not, that's okay. i could settle for some sandal heels, since the whole point here is to show all my cute features (my character is young and cute. i made it to look like me, and i'm very young.) so naturally, sandals are the only way i'm gonna show off my cute feet. i'm not worried about my hands cause the gloves don't really seem to cover my hands.

so, here's what i did see, and wanted to ask about:

the armor modifier in the sanctum. i noticed when i was using my training dagger as what i wanted my shoes to be modeled after, the shoes became like the basic open toed shoes for ladies. i wasn't sure if it would really come out that way if i hit confirm, so i didn't, as i didn't wanna waste money in case it did nothing to my boots.

so, is it true? if i ask for my boots to be modeled after a basic weapon, will the shoes just become the basic sandal heels? could i do this with tops and bottoms too, and end up running around in the basic nightie gown?? if anybody knows, you don't have to write a lot to answer. i don't wanna take up your busy time or anything, ehe.

all in all, i'm not sure if all out tailoring is even really necessary for what i want. it sounds like paying the armor modification service guy in the sanctum might do what i want for me, considering what looked like was happening with that making a shoe after a dagger thing. anybody know the ins and outs of this? thankie!
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Default Re: Can I Make My Heels Open Toed, or Make Sandals?

The way the skins work is you buy the skin you like and then use that NPC to replace the skin of the item with the better stats with the skin that you like for it's looks.

You apparently did it right and just needed to push confirm.

Just be aware that skinning the look of an item over the item you want to wear destroys the skin item. It's gone now as it is now part of the new item. Some items are only skinnable once. The item will be marked and say if this is so. That means you can't skin it to something and then skin the new item to another new item.
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Default Re: Can I Make My Heels Open Toed, or Make Sandals?

I don't think there's any tailoring-specific design that makes sandal-ish shoes, but you could check on brokers if there are any up (in Armor -> Cloth -> Shoes if you wear cloth for example). However, I don't remember anything open-toed other than the basic/naked feet except maybe some skins that cover the whole body... But if you found what you wanted then as Alysynne said, just use that NPC to skin it onto whatever other shoes you're wearing.

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