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Default Estate 5% crafting bonus is ADDITIVE

Original question:
Which one of the following is the actual way the estate bonus is applied?

a) 25% + (25% * 0.05%) = 26.25%
b) 25% + 5% = 30%

The correct answer is b.

Source: (in Russian - tested in 3.0.2)

Their testing highlights:

Manastone Crit Strike +14:
Regular / Estate: 15.4% / 19.78%
Effective estate additional yield: +27.9%

Dragon Emperor Reinforced Staff:
Regular / Estate: 24.2% / 29.8%
Effective estate additional yield: +23.1%

Heart of Magic:
Regular / Estate: 26.3% / 28.5%
Effective estate additional yield: +8.4%

For crafted items that require multiple stages of proc, such as Balic PvP or Katalium mythics, the effective proc yield is increased significantly.
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Default Re: Estate 5% crafting bonus is ADDITIVE

I managed to get an estate for all three of my girls and am going to do Tailor for the SM.

For me, I have Master Cooking and thought I noticed a proc boost, but never really gauged it and for my other Cleric, she does Construction / Alchemy, and I do tend to get a fair amount of "luck" is it? and get a slew of brown leather couches.

I love the estates for the amount of plants we can have and it's a fight to get a mansion (oddly they are more in demand than estates).
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