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Default Need advice optimizing my food shop

Before OMG WALL OF TEXT: I was wondering besides what I sell is their anything else that sells well on servers

My private store (not counting broker) makes about 100 mill on a good day... but I know their is room for improvement in my food shop.

Currently I'm selling bulk

1. Ultra ailu form
2. Brilliant Ailu Form
3. Sky Dragon Emperor's salad
4. Sly Dragon Emperor's Savory food
5.Beshu Cocktail
6. Perer Aether Jelly
7. Crestlich Herb Sausage
8. Innesi Herb Dumpling
9. Feena Herb Sushi Roll
10. Crestlich Herb Sandwich

My best sellers are 8, 9, 1, 2, 6

my problem comes with 3 and 10 they just don't want to sell

With 4.7 coming and magic resists getting nerfed I want to replace sky dragon emperor's salad totally.

Also it seams I'm the only one that wants MB/MA/MP but me on my bard -.- it just doesn't sell.

I do craft 4.0+ food for myself but I want to stay away from selling it because of time it takes to collect mats.
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Default Re: Need advice optimizing my food shop

You might look into either of these since they offer pretty nice bonuses.
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Default Re: Need advice optimizing my food shop

catch with #3 its only really clerics and MRtemps will use it, and the clerics only if ther stackin MR so that limits it to a group player cleric or one that utilises MR all the time, in 3.0 ya woulda sold more(slightly) due to TS/DLR being spammed more and MR eas almost a need for clerics/temps

and i just read further that ya cutting out the salad(im the same irl ^^) so my above text... thilly me but i typed it and im not wasting that typing time, but wasting more by telling you im not wasting it ^^
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Default Re: Need advice optimizing my food shop

Honestly... you can do well one week.. and then take a nose dive the next.

I recommend going by what these folks say... as well as continually watching the broker and folks vending - and seeing how fast what they are selling ..sells.

What I do .. is stock up.. and I never sell a mass amount of one thing at a time. This almost tells folks... "You found something profitable to sell"... and they will notice.. jump on it.. and then you watch your profits dwindle.

So I gather/morph through the week and then craft on the weekends. I use alts with names not similar to hold and vend what I craft. But the key is >> they hold.

I do NOT .. vend mass amounts of the same item.. rather I stagger.

If I see one item selling at a decent rate - I log an alt and put more of that item out on the market... but not a lot.

I take screen shots of someone vending food - then go back an hour later.. look at the screen shot and how much they have sold... I do it again over and over.

Trust the one day one item won't sell... and the next .. it will be flying off the broker.

The market is fickle...
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Default Re: Need advice optimizing my food shop

can craft ailu form with cooking??
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