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Default Blessed Drenium Crystal

Where and How would I find these?
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Default Re: Blessed Drenium Crystal

Bump, for thr master elite craft, love the look of these skins, but guessing because they are from an older time availability is low, ans if they were ever dropped it was from instances no-one runs anymore. There is however a guestbloom option with a chance of getting one per use.
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Default Re: Blessed Drenium Crystal

I think it's always been from the guestbloom.
E02018 error?
Please message me on new forums (Cheesecake-DN)
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Default Re: Blessed Drenium Crystal

welcome to Oriel/pernon! 12mill(server dependence) for a basic house in a level 5 village looks pretty cheap now...
think of all the alts you have made for events like alchemy/snowballs/code red etc, wreck a saturday afternoon getting them all a studio, then a quiet 15min every login just running them to and from your house, the friendship crystal is free porting!

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