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Default Veteran Elyos Assassin Looking for Legion

I am an Elyos Assassin on Beritra looking for a legion.

I am a third time returning player. I played in the beta and up to level cap on Ariel as an Elyos Assassin. I quit and came back as an Israphael Asmo Gladiator where I joined a great gaming community and legion. I quit when they left Aion and moved on to other games.

Through boredom and nostalgia I decided to come back and have built up a new Sin named Umezawa. I'm in socketed remodeled Danuar gear, at varying levels of enchantment, with the discordant combat accessories. I have the Crit and ACC to be relevant in some of the end game instances based on what I have read.

I'm looking to join a mature legion that has some regular PvP and PvE presence. I've been a gaming officer in the past and coordinated recruitment, and I try to play any game at a competitive level. At this time my job is too demanding to be able to assist in an administrative capacity and a regularly scheduled static would be too ambitious unless I could be a sub or the team was also willing to pug my spot if I couldn't attend.

I can download any voice software, and I use parsing to evaluate my performance. I am still trying to figure out how Aion Rain Meter works, since I usually use ACT and it doesn't work as well with my Aion client for some reason.

Please send a PM to Umezawa, or post below and I look forward to speaking to you.
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Default Re: Veteran Elyos Assassin Looking for Legion

Hello Umezawa,

My name it's Amidamaru and i'm the Brigadier of Merciless Army, we are a lvl 6 rank 8 Legion on the Elyos side.

I saw your post regarding your interest on a legion and i decided to reach out and give you some information about us.

We are a bilingual legion with spanish and english speakers ( more spanish since the server has a majority of spanish speakers), but i'm always working into balancing the members of both languages.
As a legion we aim to play in a united and organized way, so we are constantly practicing and improving our skills
We do Both Pve ( EB, IS, IO, etc) and Open world Pvp.
I gotta put emphasis on the the open world pvp point since we are one of the only legions that actually engages in group pvp in other places besides the upper abyss ( levinshor, enshar, cyg ). Unfortunately most of the other legions only worry about EB and sieges to rank fast, but they miss the importance of constant pvp in order to improve. We see this as a terrible mistake so we balance our PVP-PVE agenda in order to cover all the game aspects and improve our game skills.
We are known on the asmodian side for being able to fight and beat the top asmodian legions even though that their are much better equipped.

We welcome any skill level so we do have new players that we are teaching the ropes of properly and organized pvp and instances. Experience wise we have players from all servers and different years of experience. I personally played when the game came out in 2008 but dropped and returned last november, besides that i have 10 years of experience leading legions in other's mmorpgs from small 30 members legions to 500+ members. Therefore i thankfully have amassed a lot of experience that allows me to shape and mold the legion into a stable one.

For communications we utilize Discord, a facebook group and a website.

You are more than welcome to contact me if you have more questions regarding the legion or if you would like to give the legion a shot. Send me a Pm here, ingame, or send me a Game-mail if im not around

My ign it's Amidamaru.

PS: here's our Legion recruit Post on the forum aswell

Thank you for your time,


Warly Hurtado ( Amidamaru)
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Default Re: Veteran Elyos Assassin Looking for Legion

Thank you very much. I'll reach out to you in game when I return to town and we can talk.

I took 6 years of Spanish, and speak at a two-year-old's level.

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