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Default any gunner changes coming in 5.0?

looked around a bit but couldnt find anything about class changes if there are any.

thinking about coming back to the game and kinda wanna roll a gunner now that theyre not stupidly op since i always thought the class was cool.

though from what ive been reading it seems like theyre pretty terrible right now in pvp so wondering if anyone knows of any buffs or reworks coming to gunner anytime soon? or is the state of gunners exaggerated?
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Default Re: any gunner changes coming in 5.0?

In PvE did great things with mine last I played this winter. In PVP... not so much
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Default Re: any gunner changes coming in 5.0?

In 5.1 if you put points in these skills you get these benefits:

Harassing Fire - Increased damage
Stable Stance - Increased damage (PVE)
Survival Instinct - Boosts reduce speed resist by 500
Anticipation - Boosts magic suppression by 300

Other than that they're able to reach much better stats due to the creative point system.

Same as always; digusting while geared, mediocre while not. Okay in PVE, decent in group PVP. Decent 1v1s if played properly. Still relatively squishy.

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