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Default Missing Panesterra Rewards

Starting later today, all missing Panesterra rewards will be delivered to players who earned them since December 26, 2015.

If, after tomorrow's maintenance, you haven't received the rewards and believe you should have let me know so that I can have a look.
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Default Re: Missing Panesterra Rewards

Can I have a reward just for showing up once in order to in a quest? :P
Currently counting on an infinite supply!
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Default Re: Missing Panesterra Rewards

Yay. Thank you, Buster.
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Default Re: Missing Panesterra Rewards

5 augments and 3 conditionings

Aw yiss. Just in time. Was wondering if they were just going to go away.

But this is the second time this has happened... so does that mean we are likely going to get no rewards until July or so?

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