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Default Is gunslinger still wanted for pve?

PVP is hard now, but are gunslingers still wanted (read, taken) in groups for end game pve? I would hate to keep investing in it only to be the odd one out.

If they still get groups at least, what gear would you get to be taken into IS?

Thanks in advance!
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Default Re: Is gunslinger still wanted for pve?

Uh I had no problem finding groups last time I went out last year around november or so. just do good dps and no one really cares. Hell be able to take a few good hits for a healer to res a tank and they'll well they'll have mixed feelings on that.
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Default Re: Is gunslinger still wanted for pve?

Yes, they're fine. They need less gear to maximize too due to juggernaut uptime.

To get in to IS you need no gear if you do ides/cubes/reso (and many will just ask you to do it as a gunslinger since it's easy peasy for you) or 3k~ MB /2k MA statwise, though you can easily do a decent amount in less with a good rotation and weapon.

Anyone who asks for more than 3k tho is probably bad

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Default Re: Is gunslinger still wanted for pve?

You will most likely not get into DD if you make it that far. People are generally extremely biased against Gunners at that endgame level, and it is added with the fact that Gunner's actually do really poor DPS in DD compared to... every other Magic DPS class (and the fact you don't have an AoE hard cc needed for first boss unlike Sorc's Sleepstorm or SM's Fear Shriek). Considering a DD alliance can typically have only 3 magic DPS in which one is guaranteed to be a Sorc as it's the best magic DPS class, you have serious competition with everyone else to cram into the remaining slots.

Hell, I've been excluded from a couple DR's because people don't think I got enough MA as Gunners have a hidden +200 MA passive on top of my 1.9K MA for 2.1K, which is more than plenty. Then again those runs were bound to fail if they don't got that kind of knowledge.

Everything else I've been accepted without problem.
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