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Question Request for a Tailor

I have been leveling in the Tailoring craft for some time, and a while back I purchased the designs for the Worthy Noble Twisp armor set and the Worthy Noble Thick armor set from the vendor in Pernon. Unfortunately, when I went to the crafting table I noticed that some of the required materials listed were products of designs that are no longer available for purchase at the vendors.
As I am unable to craft the items due to this error, I am asking if there is anyone on the Israphel server who would be interested in helping me out. If you have already learned the following designs, please let me know. I would be willing to provide any of the required materials to make these items:

Worthy Twisp Shoes (tailoring skill 110p)
Worthy Thick Boots (tailoring skill 110p)
Worthy Twisp Gloves (tailoring skill 120p)
Worthy Thick Vambrace (tailoring skill 120p)
Worthy Twisp Pauldrons (tailoring skill 130)
Worthy Thick Shoulderguards (tailoring skill 130p)
Worthy Twisp Leggings (tailoring skill 140p)
Worthy Thick Breeches (tailoring skill 140p)
Worthy Twisp Tunic (tailoring skill 150p)
Worthy Thick Jerkin (tailoring skill 150p)

I had already promised a friend that I would craft the armor sets for them and I really do not want to disappoint them. You can contact me through this thread and/or we can discuss the trade in-game through my alt Voltric. Thank you for any help you can provide!

P.S. I need 3 of each item listed above in order to craft the end product.
Voltric - Israphel (primary)

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