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Default Re: Do you HAVE to tank?

the problems start when the plate is unable to hold agro and for serious stuff AT needs either SW for mana battery or specific tank build to keep the mana mitigation skills while your mana is somewhat full not zero all the time T_T. Tanking can be fun but in same time it requires alot of work to make it successful.
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Default Re: Do you HAVE to tank?

It depends, I was fighting mobs in eltnen recently and I found the AT is really a "jack of all trades" class (something I love) partnered with a cleric or a songweaver you kind of have to tank. But partnered with a templar and you can go crazy on the DPS (kinetic slam/steam rush). When coupled with a spiritmaster you want to tank.

I also find kiting really fun with an AT, spec for high MP and magic boost, activate kinetic battery, and use boost to get behind your enemy. I used it against an asmodian gunslinger while coupling it with kinetic slam and steam rush while spamming ranged attacks then as he ran away finished him off with cinder cannon.

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