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Default DarkLord set vs Darken Lord set

I have heard about Darklord and Darkend lord is the best set for ranger for nowaday , but i dont know , i need someone that have experience about this to help . I just start played back couple days ago, since i have took 2 year break. So my main question is : Dark Lord / Darken Lord set are good ? And What is Dark Lord use for ? and Darken Lord ? these 2 set 1 for pvp and 1 for pve ? please help me with this . For the stone , MA/ Crit with full slot ?
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Default Re: DarkLord set vs Darken Lord set

Aiondatabase to look up gear. Then if you look closely you can tell if it's pvp or pve.
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Default Re: DarkLord set vs Darken Lord set

Click compare to see the stat differences.
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Default Re: DarkLord set vs Darken Lord set

Both Darken and dark lord sets are from drakenspire depths meaning they are PVE sets.

Darken lords ranger set has higher Acc while Dark lords set has higher attack. It only a few points though every other stat is the same. The dakren lords set have 4 less attack then the dakr lords and the dark lords has i think about 20 less acc then the darken.

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