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Default Pure plume: M.Acc / Crit spell

So, overall, what would be preferably for a gunner when choosing the secondary status of a pure plume, magical accuracy or crit spell? considering that eventually i'll be getting 2 star pvp armor and acessories?

currently im just level 56 on gunner so i'm not sure how their endgame status looks like, and if they ever get more benefits from crit spell or magical accuracy later on since they attack pretty fast.

imagining a +6 pure plume version, they would give either +60 magical accuracy or +48 crit spell. wich one would you guys pick?
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Default Re: Pure plume: M.Acc / Crit spell

Well I did a mb/ma got 277mb with ma at like 64. 2nd stat is what changes. When you pure a ma plume it goes to the max ma your supposed to be at if you +10 and got the best stat each. So sadly idk what your base ma would be on a plume and honestly I'd like to know. The crit spell would be the stat that goes up with hp. If you figure it out let me know. So you know when you hit 66 things will change.
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